Our Culture

The USA Strategies Culture & Work-Life Balance Initiative

53% of employees reported a role that offers them greater work-life balance is “very important” to them, according to Gallup’s state of the American Workplace 2017. 90% of millennials surveyed in a Glassdoor’s report would prefer more benefits over a pay raise, with 48% of men and 60% of women reporting greater work-life balance as a “very important” attribute when considering a new job.

In 2014, USA Strategies initiated our culture changing work-life balance program and encouraged our people to work where they do so best, whether that’s remotely when possible, or in the office. We made the choice to empower our people to work smarter, to build long term trust between the organization and its staff, and showcase the company’s investment in our staff’s overall well-being.

Understanding our staff on a personal level, what motivates them, and how they work best helps propel creativity, energy and produces better work. By enacting this work-life balance, it also offered an effective hiring strategy to net in-demand talent that our clients deserve in this 24/7 world.

USA Strategies is thrilled to join the ranks of forward thinking organizations prioritizing the work-life balance initiative.

Our lack of turnover proves it.

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