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The USA Strategies-Elmhurst College Way to Success

It Starts With You

We believe it's important to invest in the next generation and giving back into the lives of college students and young adults. USA Strategies is now celebrating its tenth year in our partnership with Elmhurst  College’s mentoring-protégé-internship program. 

We  approach our student protege-internships differently. We’re not looking for paper-pushers, gophers, or errand-runners. We’re always seeking  sharp, energetic, ambitious individuals who are serious about taking the first steps in their business and marketing career. 

After a collaborative analysis of strengths and weaknesses ranging from data analytics to interpersonal skills, we pair the protege-interns up with  our staff to get them started on the next chapter of their upcoming  profession. Our students get tangible hands on experience that can’t be taught in a textbook working side by side with our team. 

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Current Students in our 2020-2021 program





Megan has been in the protégé program with USA Strategies since February of 2019. Megan is eager to get experience in the field of business management, marketing, research and business data analytics.

Megan is studying for a B.A in Business Administration.






Melissa has been in the protégé program with USA Strategies since September of 2017. During her time with us, she has been able to practice project management while working on various programs for our client base.

Melissa is studying for a B.A. in Packaging, Industrial and CPG Graphic Design at Elmhurst College. 

Testimonials from our graduates





"I am extremely thankful to USA Strategies for kick starting my career as a  marketing professional and introducing me to the multi-billion dollar packaging industry which is my passion!  Not only did I get to experience a hands on working environment, but I  was able to get a glimpse of the real marketing world.  

The mentoring-internship with USA Strategies went way beyond the office setting, and provided me with the opportunity to travel and experience cutting edge companies,  business plan meetings, massive industry tradeshows, PR, conferences, and networking events. They weren’t afraid to take me out of my comfort zone and challenge my capabilities as a  business professional. USA Strategies made sure I reached my career goals and actually introduced me to the company I work for today. 

 I wouldn’t have the success I have today without them."





"My affiliation with USA Strategies gave me insight on what a successful organization looks like. In addition, my meetings and time with was very informational. 

They gave me great advice on what it means to be a leader in today’s business world. My involvement in this mentoring program gave me the tools and confidence that I needed to obtain the next steps in my career. I  highly recommend USA Strategies as a great experience for students looking for a start in business."





"Working with the USA Strategies team has helped me grow as a business student. I was given projects throughout the year and I met a lot of business professionals and created my network of contacts. The advice I received helped me kick start my entry into the real world upon graduation. Thank you USA Strategies for everything." 





"I had a great experience working for USA Strategies. I learned valuable  life skills as well as professional insights that I wouldn’t get from being in a classroom. I am appreciative of Patrick and his team  for all they have done to help me figure  out my career path. This is a fantastic company to work for."





"USA Strategies gave me my first glimpse into how the real business world worked. I was able to experience true business meeting interactions, learn how to create and present, conduct market  research, and learn what putting your nose to grindstone meant. The most important part of my internship was learning I could and would probably be wearing a lot of hats in the workplace. 

I married what I learned in school with my  internship knowledge and was able to better navigate my first after graduation job. 

I have taken that experience with me through my new career and am now in a successful role with one of the world’s largest investment banks, wearing many hats. 

I am immensely thankful for USA Strategies for giving me their time and experience and opening doors for me."





" I consider myself extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to  intern at USA Strategies. I was never just an observer. I had the  privilege of executing real projects from start to finish, working with clients directly, and learning in a truly hands on environment.

I was always encouraged to think strategically and find new, creative solutions. USA Strategies allowed me to experience work across the  marketing spectrum which was instrumental in guiding my career path. I can confidently say that I would not be where I am today without the experience I gained from my time with Patrick and the rest of the USA  Strategies family. Thank you for everything."

Testimonials from our international Students

Lisa from Germany


"As a German student fascinated with international business, I had the opportunity to come to America and do an internship at USA Strategies for several months. I learned a lot about business, customer relationships and professional skills. During my stay I was even able to identify my topic for my doctoral thesis ("The influence of RFID and ubiquitous computing on society"). I gained international experience on how German and Americans conduct business together and was able to expand my personal portfolio.

The very best thing however was that I found a family business who gave me a warm welcome even after hours. They helped me find a place to stay in historic Hinsdale, Illinois which was an amazing experience in itself socially, and introduced me to many of their friends in my age range. We are still in contact and I am very happy and grateful. Many thanks to Patrick, Pat and USA Strategies for giving me the opportunity to learn and grow."

The value of internships at elmhurst college

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The Importance of Internships Explainer Video

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Not an "Elmhurst" branded video, but we sure liked it alot.