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Website Analysis & Content Development

Our website analysis and development process is organized into several steps:

We identify with your management, marketing, and sales staff your unique needs followed by an analysis and review of your website and your I.T architecture. We review industry standards, market changes, your competition, new technologies and other factors: 

As an example, our website review includes an evaluation of the client site’s functionality, design, content, and several other variables as it applies to the overall business objectives of the updated business plan, then we go to work. We either show you how to bring your site in-house or help you find and manage a website vendor.


  • Functionality, Accessibility, html validity, download and interaction speeds, navigation & links, interactive processes; presence and descriptive quality of page titles and  additional SEO features.
  • Design: Aesthetics, ease of use, layout, congruence of elements.
  • Content: Clarity and potency of message delivery on each page and overall site, overall brand presentation, information architecture, steps to destination, clarity of verbal expression, readability, absence of mistakes, outdated pages, repetition, process  failures, and un-requested intrusions, multi-sensory appeal and impact,  accessibility of information such as content rating systems, search  facility, site map.
  • Technologies: Effective use of leading edge  technologies such as Java, JavaScript, html, DHTML, active X, advanced  coding, XML, CSS, compression technologies, Flash; audio & video  broadcast, pod casting, other use of streaming media, use of interactive  maps & other active media, database integration &  functionality, active server & dynamically generated pages,  e-commerce solutions, secure servers.
  • Discuss a vision for the site: You give us your content wish list. We want to know what you currently like and dislike about your site because we have the tools and expertise to build the site you need. After our review of your site, we will make new content suggestions on how to  best enhance the site for your company and to increase your business. We  can provide you with information on the variety of web development  options, including CMS (Content Management Systems), html sites, etc.
  • Interactive solutions: Is it time for chat boxes and A.I?
  • Research & Develop the draft site: We will  research your competitor’s websites and make comparisons in terms of  functionality, content, design, and technologies. Based on our discussion and this research, we create a draft sitemap to illustrate  the work-flow of your new site’s functionality and content. This work-flow communicates the template, data elements, and technologies  that will be used. A wireframe will be created in order to outline the  details of the new site and following these, graphic mockups will be  created to convey a look and feel for the site. When everyone is  satisfied with these components, we start building the site.
  • Build site: The site is built in two stages. The  first stage is the development phase. Here we put templates into place and develop and test functionality, once the desired functionality is achieved we move onto the staging environment. In this second stage, the  templates, functionality, and content are integrated into a product that we test and debug. We review our progress with you and make further  revisions if necessary. If SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM  (Search Engine Marketing) services were requested, we make these  additions and finish refining the site.
  • Launch the site: The site is ready to GO LIVE in its domain – we set up the hosting environment and roll the new site to  production. We review the final product with you and make any needed revisions; tutorial services and materials will be provided to help you  perform administrative upkeeps for the site.
  • Provide site service and administrative support:  Following the site launch we are happy to make initial adjustments to ensure you are satisfied with your new site. If interested, fee-based long-term support is available to further maintain and service your site.
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