custom one-on-one coaching for industrial sales forces

We know what industrial sales people need to succeed and we know your market.

We’ve been in the technology, packaging, machinery, plastic, and chemical industry for a long time. We know what our client sales forces need to succeed and we can prove it. This is done by assessments and custom one-on-one in-person and virtual coaching for industrial sales forces.


In fact, LinkedIn's CEO recently named communications and interpersonal skills the number one biggest lagging skill gap in the United States. 

For hires and refreshers especially in technical sales forces, communications, interpersonal and follow-up skills are critical in winning new business and establishing great impressions. These traits sometimes cannot be taught in-house or by technical sales manager coaches who are not equipped to address this critical investment in sales staff as markets and trends evolve.

At USA Strategies our experienced coaches help our clients' sales staff grow professionally on a one-on-one basis. We help your sales staff focus on how to refocus and network correctly, establish memorable lasting impressions, concentrate on body and business language, and most importantly focus on presentation and technical skills to grow sales and get the phones ringing. 

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Meet our coaches






As  a highly successful sales coach, Tom is focused on providing  the  tools, support, and structure necessary to set better goals, increase  focus, and maximizing results with industrial sales forces and  managers. 

Since  2002, he has been coaching sales talent and leaders, helping them to  improve their sales, master their influencing ability, and become better  leaders. Prior to his coaching career, Tom spent the first decade of  his career as a successful salesperson and sales leader in the  manufacturing, technology and telecommunications markets.

Tom  has coached over two-thousand clients in his coaching career and is one  of the few coaches in the world to hold the prestigious Master  Certified Coach designation from the International Coaching Federation. 

Tom holds a Civil Engineering degree from the University of Illinois.





With his three decades of vast experience, Larry assists industrial sales staff and groups in developing high performing work teams that are clearly aligned  with the organizations values and goals concentrating on the group’s interaction tactics and communication skills. 

The  focus of Larry's work is on building healthy working relationships and assisting staff and sales groups in addressing/resolving both individual and organizational conflict. This is done all while developing the group’s  skills in creating a highly effective results focused work culture. 

Larry holds a PSY. D Doctorate in Psychology from the Forest Institute of Technology and an M.B.A from Roosevelt University.





Elaine helps our clients' sales staff grow professionally on a one-on-one  basis. Elaine works with clients and groups on many elements of their  sales professional lives, she especially enjoys coaching working with  millennials and new graduate hires entering our client's technical sales  force to reach their maximum sales potential. 

Elaine's  areas of focus are how to network correctly, first impressions, body  language, and presentation skills. She has coached people from entry  level to the C-Suite of Fortune 500 companies.

Prior to joining USA Strategies, she served in key marketing and communications roles at AON, KPMG and Chapman & Cutler.

Elaine holds a Masters in Managerial Communications from Northwestern University.