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The Three C's of First Impressions

We offer sales force coaching services that will help your people understand and convey the important three C’s — Confidence, Competence and Credibility — that create the foundation for successful business relationships. Please review our insightful training topics covered below to help you invest in your technical sales force to communicate and make a presence professionally, which converts into sales growth.

First Encounters of The Most Important Kind

Your mom was right. You never get a second chance to make a good first impression. In business, an initial encounter can support — or sabotage — success. Learn what you can do to ensure that your attire, your grooming, and your accessories contribute to a personal brand that makes a positive impact.

All The Right Moves

From the way you enter a room to your handshake, from eye contact and gestures, you create a particular impression. From your stance and the way you occupy space, to the tone of your voice and your rate of speaking, you’re constantly sending a message about your level of confidence, competence and credibility. Learn to move and interact with style and confidence.

Networking Magic

Networking is much more than cocktails, hors d’oeuvres and informal social chatter. Unless you approach a networking event with a strategy, you’ll likely be wasting your time. Learn the do’s and don'ts of successful networking, including appropriate topics of conversation, how to be a present and attentive listener, and how to graciously disengage when it’s time to move on.

Own Your Space In The Workplace

Whether you’re making a choice about where to sit during a meeting, or you’re determining how close you should stand in a business conversation, the way you occupy space sends signals about your confidence, your message and your power. Learn to convey that you “own” your space by the way you walk, stand and sit.

The Way You Dress & Eat Professionally Counts Too

Want respect? Earn it with a polished professional demeanor, starting with your appearance. Your overall professional presence can be a major factor in your ability to get hired or be promoted. When you know how to dress and act appropriately, your confidence soars — and it shows. 

Additionally, business meetings are sometimes combined with breakfast, lunch or dinner. Your dining etiquette could make or break making a sale. Business etiquette, such as how you handle introductions, keeping your eye off your phone, and how you express thanks can set you apart from others. Let our coach teach you these tools.

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