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Trade Show Staffing


USA Strategies Networkers & Trade Show Lead Generators

You and your staff can’t be both places at once, and there is no greater problem than NOT being at a trade show or networking opportunity when your competitors are there getting access to your potential customers under your nose.

Our energetic USA Strategies staff are crossed trained and offer engaging personalities to be dispatched to events (currently Chicago locations only) as an extension of your company to interact with potential customers, and help you grow your business.

Why USA Strategies?

  • We work with you to bring back viable leads.

  • You can increase your marketing visibility with more people at a show as needed without the part-time hiring hassle and payroll.

  • We free you up to manage your sales and marketing time the way you want to.

  • You are only paying for sales and marketing people during the event time needed.

  • We offer engaging personalities and college educations with the “sales close” as our primary objective.

  • We offer a reliable solution to getting your message heard one-on-one in the marketplace.


At USA Strategies, we are determined to make your event or show a success. Therefore, we take our time getting to know your event sales needs & expectations with a script and vast preparation long before the event.

Lead Generation Is The Key

When it comes to hiring good marketing presenters, the staff you bring can of course make or break your presence at the trade show or networking event. Luckily, our USA Strategies staff give it their all representing you.

Our optional data entry lead processing services are an added benefit to provide you with a way to import leads into your CRM. Don't have a good CRM? We'll get one vetted and created for you.

Need an Executive Presence at Your Venue?

Our seasoned MBA's with over 25 years each of sales and marketing can go to shows, events and forums to act as an extension of you. Once the objectives have been determined, we will act as your eyes and ears at the venue. 

Our professional executive observations and reporting after the event will help you with your next steps.