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Team Building

How We Help You in Developing High Performing Results Driven Sales Teams

USA Strategies is proud to present Larry, our experienced and engaging PSY. D Doctoral sales team building expert. Larry concentrates on the development of highly effective industrial sales teams with a focus on creating a sales force which performs to its full potential. By working together, motivating, removing communications barriers, and instilling alignment with your results focused sales team, we develop the skills organizations need to enhance their sales talents. 

Our sales force team development efforts assist members in:

  • Identify with management and team areas where communications, morale, and alignment needs to be energized to get the best output possible from your people.

  • Developing the skills and tools necessary for a sales driven work team to be more effective in reaching performance goals. 

  • Developing the ability to successfully identify and address issues that prevent results driven teams from becoming totally effective.

  • Develop the skills in collaboration, active listening, and relationship building necessary to work in both remote and face to face sales teams.

  • Develop a centralized sales culture that focuses on the creation of a meaningful sales conversation with the appropriate stakeholders (e.g. Internal and external customers).


  • Developing skills in the identification of, management of, and resolution to workplace conflicts which hinder the sales force in its development as a results driven work unit.


  • Developing leadership skills which assist team members to inspire, nurture and motivate the sales force.

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