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Salesperson and Sales Management Assessments



Our hiring assessments will help ensure that you hire the right person for the industrial sales or management job by providing you with fact-based data that you just can’t get from the interview process alone. As part of an overall hiring process, our assessments will help you make the right hiring decision every time.

Talent Development

The process of developing your human capital starts with identifying where the person is currently with respect to their overall development. Our assessments will help you identify your employee’s strengths and opportunities, so that you can develop a targeted and specific development plan for them. When you combine our assessments with coaching from their manager or an outside coach, you can quickly develop your employees to the next level, which will keep them engaged, growing, and contributing to the bottom line over time.

Why Our Assessments?

We've been in the industrial market for decades. We know what works and doesn't in managing and hiring industrial salespeople.

We offer both DISC based as well as 360º assessment instruments for our clients. This gives us the ability to use the right solution approach based on your individual needs. When you combine this with our industry-based knowledge, marketing and sales expertise, and coaching solutions, you end up with a solution that will make the greatest impact for your people – your greatest asset.

What Is DISC?

DISC is an industry recognized personal assessment tool used to improve work productivity, teamwork, leadership, sales, and communication. DISC measures personality and behavioral styles.  It is a time tested and a very comprehensive approach.

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