About Us

USA Strategies, Inc was founded over twenty-five years ago to address the marketing and communications needs of technology intensive clients. Bringing the experience of marketing communications along with a staff of a technical background, the firm has served major corporations with solutions to complex marketing problems. USA has worked internationally for major U.S. corporations in the high technology and publishing industries. In the early 1980’s it expanded into Europe with full partner offices in England and Germany.

USA Strategies Digital, our website and services group, was created in response to the explosive growth and needs of our traditional customers in the digital website marketing world with our strategic online marketing, content creation, web design development, maintenance, SEO/SEM, advertising and domain management offerings. With a comprehensive staff whose business backgrounds range from strategic planning, competitive analysis, online marketing, copywriting, web programming and graphic design, we are ready to create and maintain the latest in business internet solutions.


Business Staff

Patrick P. Yanahan – President and Chief Operating Officer

Patrick is responsible for all aspects of customer development, strategic marketing, and implementation of programs for our customers. Prior to joining USA Strategies, Patrick spent over twenty years as a regional sales and marketing representative in the electronics and packaging industry working for firms such as Grayhill, Inc. and Richmar developing sales and marketing solutions for technology organizations. Patrick holds an M.B.A in Business Administration and a B.A. in Communications from Elmhurst College.

Patrick J. Yanahan – Chairman of the Board

Patrick led in the research of new applications of web-based systems in the marketing process and has testified before Congress on the future international economic implications of the Internet. He has led the company in working for numerous media organizations in the development of new products and strategies. He was also responsible for opening partner offices in Europe and Asia. A speaker and contributing author for many organizations and publications he did his undergraduate studies in Electronic Engineering at the University of Illinois at Chicago, graduate business study at the Illinois Institute of Technology and currently post-graduate work at DePaul University.

Richard Engling – Lead Marketing Copywriter

Richard has worked as lead digital content copywriter in marketing communications for many years now. His assignments have ranged from campaign concepts, corporate communications, direct mail, press releases, sales aids and presentations, speeches, demonstration videos, case histories, articles, technical backgrounders, email campaigns, web content, complete web sites, and special advertising supplements.

Of particular value to our customers, Richard has the ability to quickly understand the design, operation and user benefits of new industrial equipment and technology products. He is experienced in translating the language of engineers into language that can be understood and appreciated by prospective customers – whether the target audience is technical or non-technical in background. His clients have included manufacturers of factory automation hardware and software, manufacturing systems, plastics materials and equipment, electronic components and equipment, scientific instruments, and other industrial products and services.

Richard is often included in clients’ business strategy reviews and is a regular member of the development and presentation teams for our company. He frequently provides project management services. Richard holds degrees from Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana M.A. and Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, Illinois B.S.E.

George Mitchell – Director of Market and Competitive Intelligence

George has vast multi-decade experience in the technology marketplace and has unique skills in customer positioning, sales, marketing, and competitive intelligence. George has served key roles as Sales Manager and Vice President at such firms as RCA, Motorola, BRK Electronics, NEPCON, Power-One, Sager and Advacom. George holds a BSEE from the University of Pittsburgh and a MM from the Kellogg School of Graduate Management, Northwestern University.

Christine Barnard – Strategic Account Manager

Christine is responsible for managing and organizing client projects. Prior to joining USA Strategies, Christine spent 20 years leading large Analytic and CRM teams and initiatives for companies like U.S. Cellular, United Airlines and Accenture with a specialty in Marketing and Sales effectiveness. Christine is also a math and statistics expert having dissected all forms of company data and transforming it into action plans for success. Christine holds a B.S. in Math and Marketing from Illinois State University and an M.B.A. from Northwestern.

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Programming Staff

William Hearn – Senior Project Manager & Internet Marketing Specialist

William has spent the last 15 years managing client’s marketing portfolios. His IT background and entrepreneurial experience assist him in helping business owners and marketing mangers select media and develop effective campaigns. William is actively involved in all stages of development, including concept design, coding, testing, maintenance, and client relations. He leads a development team and project manages client’s web design, email campaigns, social media management and online marketing programs.

He provides ongoing strategic consulting to clients to address the ever-changing online environment. William holds a B.A. in Management Information Systems from Purdue Calumet.

Art Staff

Joe O’Connor – Design Director

Joe has practiced graphic design in the Chicago area for over twenty years. He has extensive experience as senior designer and vice president at a variety of design firms. He has been involved all aspects of running a design firm, including project management, pricing and presentations. Beside his studio experience, he has held design positions at the American Bar Association and the University of Illinois.

A member of the Society of Typographic Arts, the American Institute of Graphic Arts, the Art Institute of Chicago and the American Center for Design, Joe earned a B.A. in Graphic Design from the University of Illinois and completed graduate courses in Design Management at Northern Illinois University.